Personal Income Tax

When should I register for tax?

You should register as soon as you start working and earning an income.

Where do I find my personal tax number once I’ve registered?

Once you have registered, keep your confirmation (with your tax number) that you receive from SARS in a safe place. You can also contact SARS directly to get your tax number

What exactly is PAYE?

PAYE – Pay As You Earn – is personal income tax. As an employee your company is required by law to deduct tax from your income to then be paid over to SARS (South African Revenue Services) by your company.

How do I register for PAYE?

A company registers for PAYE – not an individual.

What is an IRP5?

An IRP5 is a record issued by your company that confirms the total amount of money that you have earned for the last tax year. It includes all the benefits that you have received as well as all the deductions that were made – specifically related to tax, UIF and benefits like medical aid and provident fund.

How long is a tax year?

A tax year is 12 months, running from beginning March to end February. For example, the 2018 tax year ran from 01 March 2017 to 28 February 2018.