About Money Wit Financial Wellness

Money allows us to enjoy some of the benefits that life has to offer - it does not define us. That is why you should manage your money and it should not manage you.

Too often, we try to treat the symptoms of poor money management when we should be focusing on preventing it. Knowledge is power, and the application of this knowledge is what can make all the difference in your personal and business money world. Understanding and managing your money is like any habit – do it long enough and it becomes second nature. This habit can help you become that financially savvy person you always knew you could be.

We are a proudly female owned and run company with the goal of demystifying and simplifying your understanding finance and how it can assist you in not only achieving your personal goals, but also your business aspirations.

Money Wit offers the Money Wit: Becoming Financially Savvy and Business Money Wit books as well as workshops presented by Nola Rae and Kristen Rae. We also have online courses available in collaboration with Chartall Business College.

About the books

Start your financially savvy journey

About Money Wit: Becoming Financially Savvy

Money allows us to enjoy some of the benefits that life has to offer - it does not define us. That is why you should manage your money and it should not manage you.

Have you ever wondered just how to manage managing your funds?

This book seeks to give simple, easy-to-use advice to anyone hoping to plan for their futures and just aren’t sure how to do it or where to start. From investing your money to understanding a bond, to setting up a monthly budget - read up on all the easy ways you can start today, in paving the way to a financially secure future!

About Business Money Wit

Entrepreneurs are the lifeblood of an economy: they provide jobs to a range of skilled and unskilled workers; teach skills where needed; are innovative and can quickly adapt to technology and the market. Yet, too often these entrepreneurs leave the financial management of their companies to other people.

Business Money Wit takes the entrepreneur with no finance management skills by the hand and leads them through the labyrinth so that they come out the other side equipped to understand terminologies and the most important financial statements that reflect the health of their company; it also provides them with tools to evaluate projects based on established formulae.

Business Money Wit is an essential reference book that will benefit business owners as well as non-financial managers in any organisation.

Money Wit Workshops

The Money Wit workshops are all about personal finance. Building a strong foundation and understanding your money roadmap from what you earn and to where it goes. The topics include how to set up your budget, the basics of savings and investing, how good credit can benefit you, how to stay on top of your debts and the basics of income tax. These are the skills that will help you to achieve a more financially secure future.

Business Money Wit Workshops

As business owners we have to take responsibility for the numbers in our world. Simply handing everything over to a professional is certainly helpful, and a great option, but understanding your numbers empowers you to make more informed decisions.

In the Business Money Wit Workshop, the focus is on teaching the entrepreneur the value that the numbers have. Too often we are just focused on if we are making money, when it is the how that gives us the opportunity to take our business to the next level. It’s not about becoming an accountant – it is about gaining the knowledge to understand financial information, asking the right questions and building a sustainable and profitable business. The workshop includes understanding terminologies and the most important financial statements that reflect the health of your company, as well as providing you with tools to assist in the decision of what business will work for you or not.


About Nola

Nola Rae is the author of the Money Wit and Business Money Wit books and Owner of Money Wit Financial Wellness. 

Nola started her career in marketing but was exposed to finances through her job in a company that sold customised financial software to corporate clients. 

Fascinated by the logic and power of financial information, Rae decided to shift the focus of her career to finance. She spent 15 years following a corporate career path, with roles ranging from accountant to financial director of one of the country’s largest PR firms. 

In 2007, Rae left the corporate world to start her own company, Capstan Financial Solutions. She wanted to work with SMMEs and envisaged her company as something more than a service provider. Instead, she wanted to partner with clients, working closely with them to implement systems and strategies that would help them grow and sustain their businesses. 

Nola’s inspiration for writing Money Wit stemmed from 27 years of acquired industry experience and it took her just one month to pen the book. She found her motivation after research into the corporate wellness sector revealed to her the enormous need for debt counselling. Rae realised that the best way to address the need for this service is by equipping people – especially the youth – with a better understanding of money and how to manage it proactively, rather than reactively.

Although Nola eschews the stereotype of the “grey accountant”, she lives by her philosophy of sound money management. 

Nola’s best tip for managing finances 

“I budget every month, as this allows me to know where my money is going, and I force myself to save money every month. Planning is the most important part of managing your money.”

About Kristen

Kristen Rae is the 2IC and social media manager at Money Wit Financial Wellness. 

Kristen started her career in 2015 when she joined Nola at Capstan Financial Solutions and solidified her love for numbers and finance. In 2018 she achieved a Bachelor of Commerce in Finance from the University of Johannesburg where she found her love for financial planning, which lead her to recently obtain her Postgraduate Diploma in Financial Planning. She is currently also developing her career to become a Certified Financial Planner.

Kristen has been with Nola from day one at Money Wit, assisting her with the initial edits of the first book and with just about everything else from then on. Her core passion is to assist people in gaining a better understanding of their personal financial management and teaching them the fundamentals that aren’t taught in school. Her philosophy is that everyone should be armed with the knowledge that is necessary to make sound and savvy financial decisions in all aspects of their life.

Kristen’s best tip for managing finances

“Plan ahead and always ask questions – whether you are opening a bank account or purchasing a life insurance product, equip yourself with the knowledge you need to make the right decision. It’s your money after all!” 

For all enquiries and book orders, email kristen@moneywit.co.za